When all the ingredients for success come together, when all feelings mix, they give rise to a secret to this life. I used to wander around the various parts of this universe, accompanied by TROJAN, whom I often saw in his eyes glitter resembling the brightness of DIAMONDS. Through my journey to that legendary city. An old city which has been described in

hundreds of novels, when no one has actually seen it yet. On a path called VOYAGE1503, which smells of different powerful ouds like windy SHOOح carrying scarfs away, that embody my soul. Yes, my soul – I – SPIRITUS1701. A road paved with golden wheat fields, crowned with the scent of LANCE. However, Is there really such a way in life?! This

is only a brief introduction about me. Yet, it is TROJAN who will accompany you through the mysteries of the story.

The names differ, and the new familiar may exist. Nevertheless, can you differ with it?

How can you not be filled with love for her!

It is BLE

W.Mohammed AlShraim

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